Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy safe?

Unlike Vibroacoustic Disease (a completely different phenomena!), Vibroacoustic Therapy is one of the safest alternative therapies available today. It is non-invasive, drug-free, and because sound waves can reach the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue without the use of forceful pressure, you don't have to worry about the bruising, pain, and tenderness that often comes with a deep tissue massage.

Are there any age restrictions?

Vibroacoustic Therapy provides relief and healing for people of all ages. However, because the therapy does involve lying quietly for at least 30 minutes, it may not be appropriate for younger children. Appointments for those younger than 16 years are only accepted at certain times and only with prior consultation with a parent, so appointments for anyone under 16 years old must be booked via phone.

How often do I need a treatment/How many treatments do I need?

Like other mainstream and alternative health treatments, frequency and duration will vary depending on the condition and the individual being treated. While many clients report a significant improvement after just one to three sessions, for lasting symptom relief the best results are achieved with cumulative sessions of once or twice a week for 8 weeks. However, more chronic conditions may require 2-3 sessions per week and may take 10-12 weeks to show signs of improvement. Once desired results are achieved, clients can drop back to a maintenance schedule which is less frequent, but since it offers so many other benefits many people enjoy doing it regularly even after their initial complaint has been addressed!

I don't feel much/anything. Is it working?

Vibroacoustic Therapy is subtle. Unlike other hands-on treatments administered by a touch-practitioner, such as massage or reflexology, Vibroacoustic Therapy works on a cellular level. Depending on the area of the body and the corresponding frequency, the sensation you feel may range from barely noticeable to a mild vibration sensation. However, even though you don't feel your teeth rattling, rest assured it is working!

What do I wear?

You want to feel comfortable, so it is best to wear loose-fitting, comfy clothes that you can relax in. Everyone is different with what they feel to be a comfortable temperature, so it is recommended that you layer (ex. a t-shirt with a hoodie or sweater). That way, if you are too warm you can take off a layer and if you are too cool you can add a layer. There is a blanket to use as well. Whatever you choose to wear, please ensure it is clean.

Healing Vibrations


Disclaimer: This website and the services offered by Blu Holistic Health and Healing Vibrations Regina are not meant to diagnose or cure any particular illness or condition, nor are they a replacement for a qualified medical practitioner. We simply provide an alternative for our clients to use in conjunction with their existing health and wellness regimen, with consent from their primary health care provider, when necessary.

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