Your Session

How to Prepare

Have a small meal before arriving, but ensure you leave at least 60 minutes before your session. You don't want to be uncomfortably full, nor do you want your tummy rumbling.

Avoid caffeine 4 hours prior to your session. Vibroacoustic Therapy is designed to promote relaxation, and caffeine can leave you jittery and/or less able to relax.

In order to keep our facilities comfortable and clean for all of our clients, we ask that you shower the day of your appointment and use deodorant/antiperspirant to prevent body odour. Any street clothing worn during your Vibroacoustic Therapy session must be clean and sanitary.

If you will be arriving after any activities where you will be sweating or getting dirty, we ask that you bring a change of clothes. 

  • You will start by filling out a from that will guide your practitioner with selecting sound frequencies and music that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • In addition to providing information on what condition you are hoping to treat with Vibroacoustic Therapy, you will be asked to fill out a health form and waiver. It is important that you are honest and complete when filling out your health form, as even though Vibroacoustic Therapy is generally extremely safe, there are some conditions that will prevent you from participating in a session.

  • Your first session will begin with a brief orientation by your attendant. You will receive an introduction to Vibroacoustic Therapy, and will have an opportunity to discuss your goals with treatment as well as to ask any questions you may have.

  • It is recommended at this point to use the washroom prior to going into the sound room.

  • You will be taken to your private room for some final instructions.

The Sound Room

  • During your appointment you will remain completely clothed; you will only need to remove your shoes. Please ensure you wear comfortable clothes and that they are clean.

  • Your session will take place on a comfy mat (the mat is 5.5 inches thick, much like a massage table top).

  • When settled on the mat, you will be given headphones. You can choose to listen to soothing spa music, a guided meditation, or hypnotherapy session. Bring your own, or choose from the provided selections. Alternatively, if you prefer silence, you can bring ear plugs or purchase ones from us. 

  • Your session will begin as soon as your attendant starts the music. You will begin to feel the gentle vibrations of the mat as you listen to the selected music. 

  • You will then be left in your own private room to enjoy your Vibroacoustic session in solitude.  

Your Experience

  • After approximately 20 minutes you should be feeling the relaxation response. Some people fall asleep, others reach a meditative state, many experience pain relief, and others just enjoy the pleasant sensations and the opportunity to relax.

  • The experience is different for everyone, and yours will be unique to you. It even varies for the same person from session to session, but most report feeling relaxed and well rested. Some people are able to completely turn off their thoughts, while others find they can't get their thoughts to stop. Try not to become frustrated if you can't get your mind to settle down. During your first session(s) it can take time to get your mind to relax. Conversely, you can use the time to think about things you are otherwise too distracted to focus on.

  • Some people with sports injuries or other pain may initially feel some discomfort, but as the body relaxes, this discomfort should disappear.

  • Some people leave feeling like it was no benefit at all, yet report being more focused afterwards and having the best sleep ever when they get home. So keep in mind that while you may not feel the immediate benefits, you may notice them more when your session is complete. The more sessions you have the more you will experience the benefits, as with most conditions relief may not be experienced until after a few sessions.

  • Try not to have any expectations about what you will experience. You need to have realistic goals and because the experience is so different for everyone, you could end up feeling disappointed if you don't have the experience you were expecting. Just relax and enjoy the moment!

Ending the Session

  • The length of session varies according to the condition being treated, but typically lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

  • After your session is over, your practitioner will return to turn off the equipment.

  • It is recommended that after the session stops that you sit up and spend a couple of minutes orienting yourself before standing up. Some people can feel a little dizzy if they get up to fast so we want to make sure you are steady on your feet before standing.

  • Drink some water or decaffeinated tea to help hydrate.

  • Head home and expect to have a wonderful night's sleep!

"I decided to try it because I was desperate for some pain relief. I have been suffering horribly with hip pain and have had minimal improvement despite going to both massage and chiro over the last few weeks, and I hate taking pain meds. While I was laying on the bed it didn't really feel like it was doing much, as the vibration is so light. It was nice and relaxing listening to my music, and I almost fell asleep, but I was very skeptical that it was actually doing anything to help my hip. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and that evening was the first time in weeks I didn't have to use a heating pad. My mobility increased and my pain was decreased for the next couple of days, but then the pain started coming back. I went for a second treatment and again got a couple of days of relief before the pain returned, but I found it was not as intense when it came back this time. I wish it worked faster, but I was warned that I may need a few treatments and at this point any relief I can get is better than none!"

"About a month before I was supposed to be leaving on my family vacation to Mexico, I came down with a bad cold. After I got over it I was left with a stupid lingering cough. I wasn't sick or contagious anymore, but I didn't want to be "that person" on the plane hacking my head off with everybody looking at me like I had the plague! I had heard that the vibrating bed is helpful for people with COPD which is a lung disease, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see if it might help my cough. It was a little uncomfortable because it was a struggle for me to lay on my back without having a coughing fit, but I powered through. The vibration was subtle, but I swear I could feel the fluid in my lungs vibrating! I don't know what it did or how it did it, all I know is that the next day when I got on the plane, armed with a whole bag full of cough candies and throat lozenges, I didn't even need to use them because my uncontrollable hacking was gone. I still coughed on and off a bit for a few days after my visit, but I didn't feel like an elephant was standing on my chest and when I did cough it was just one or two little coughs, not a full blown coughing fit."

Healing Vibrations


Disclaimer: This website and the services offered by Blu Holistic Health and Healing Vibrations Regina are not meant to diagnose or cure any particular illness or condition, nor are they a replacement for a qualified medical practitioner. We simply provide an alternative for our clients to use in conjunction with their existing health and wellness regimen, with consent from their primary health care provider, when necessary.

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