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There are many wonderful products available to help continue your self-care at home. When an option is available, we always encourage the use of products that are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and responsibly sourced. 

We have partnered with our friends at MindBody Shopping and other wonderful companies to bring you a wide selection of great products. Many products do come from overseas so shipping can take a little longer than you would like, but they have been consistently reliable and have generally arrived ahead of schedule when we have ordered from them! 

Disclaimer: Healing Vibrations is not responsible for the sale of products from MindBodyShopping.com or any other affiliates noted on this page. We are simply providing you with a convenient place to order wellness products. If you encounter any issues with their products or service, please contact the company responsible directly. 

Essential Oils
Gems and stones
Massage and Acupuncture

Healing Vibrations


Disclaimer: This website and the services offered by Blu Holistic Health and Healing Vibrations Regina are not meant to diagnose or cure any particular illness or condition, nor are they a replacement for a qualified medical practitioner. We simply provide an alternative for our clients to use in conjunction with their existing health and wellness regimen, with consent from their primary health care provider, when necessary.

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