At Healing Vibrations, we have only one objective...to help you live the best life possible. We want you to live with vitality and purpose, and to find joy, excitement, and passion in all that you do. No matter how out-of-reach it might seem, no matter how lost, overwhelmed, or out-of-control you have been feeling, no matter how unwell you have been, we believe it is possible for life to be better and we want to help make that happen for you.


Our goal is to help you unburden yourself from unwanted feelings, thoughts and beliefs, and to help you reduce, better manage, or even eliminate the things in life causing you pain or discomfort. We want to show you how breaking free from whatever has been holding you back can give you the life you deserve.


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Healing Vibration Wellness Centre is a supportive environment of integrative health therapies. As holistic practitioners, we understand the vitally important connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and believe that health is more than just an optimal physical state obtained through nutrition, exercise, and medical intervention. We endeavour to help improve your quality of life by recognizing the relationship between and significant interactions of each of the various dimensions of wellness...mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. We address the whole person, not just one symptom. 


We focus on helping reduce or eliminate stress, relieve and manage chronic and acute physical pain, and improve sleep quality. We also treat a variety of symptoms of diseases and disorders of both a physical and mental nature, including generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, mild to moderate depression, fibromyalgia, injuries, and early stages of Parkinson's and MS. 


We emphasize a holistic, client-focused approach and work in coordination with a client's primary healthcare provider and other complementary practitioners to help them achieve their desired health and wellness.  Our services include natural, gentle, and effective tools such as Vibroacoustic Sound Frequency Therapy, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, music therapy, and holistic health coaching.

Healing Vibrations


Disclaimer: This website and the services offered by Blu Holistic Health and Healing Vibrations Regina are not meant to diagnose or cure any particular illness or condition, nor are they a replacement for a qualified medical practitioner. We simply provide an alternative for our clients to use in conjunction with their existing health and wellness regimen, with consent from their primary health care provider, when necessary.

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